When you think about your birthday, it seems to be an opportunity for your friends and family to come together and congratulating you for surviving another year. But actually, it is far more than that. It is a day that comes only once a year and people should be celebrating it for several reasons. It is a time when a person acknowledges the anniversary of his/her birth.

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In most of the cultures, the birthdays are celebrated in almost the same way i.e., with a gift, party or some other special act. But there are some reasons why birthday’s should be celebrating. The beginning of your life is marked by your birthday. It is a chance to remember the day when a major event occurs to you.

To celebrate and give thanks to reflecting on how well you are alive. It is to celebrate the birth itself by looking at your past, evaluate the present and planning your future. It is also a time to think about your re-birth or a new beginning. Also it is also an achievement to live another year. Acknowledging your existence on this earth. Whatever family you are destined to born but you are living it to fullest. It is also a great way to bond with your friends and family and the good wishes that come from their hearts.

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Whatever may be the celebration type, big or small takes coordination for the location, photographer, flowers and not to mention, the invitations. Considering invitations, the video birthday invitations are more popular than ever before. Some of the occasions were invitations are send likewise, mundane, child-naming, etc. All these types of ceremonial invitations can be sent as online video invitation using various type of apps. Using online birthday invitation video maker, you can create and send something beautiful to your guests in the form of digital invitations.

Some of the advantages of using online birthday invitation video maker are:

1) The saving of money by sending online birthday video invitations cannot be denied. You are not only saving the cost for custom made invitations but also on the postage.
2) You will receive a faster response time from the guests i.e, invitations can be sent out at a later date and still you’ll be knowing who is coming or not far in advance.
3) The cause of postal errors can be averted totally and thus no room for creating any confusion in inviting.
4) The better organizing of the invitees by knowing the reply from the guests.

For creating videos using apps you can use the app downloaded from inviter.com. You need to register on the website and download the app. Creating of video using this app is also very simple and can be done within 3 steps only:

1) Select the event category and then pick a video invitation template.
2) Customize with your photos, event details and audios and upload them.
3) Preview the changes and create an HD video. Download the same and share using WhatsApp or send email invitations to guests for RSVPs.

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