Welcoming a baby is a huge step for any parent. Their baby is not just a source of happiness but also a bond that is strengthening their own bonds. Having to welcome a baby into the family is indeed an incomparable joy. In order to pray good vibes for the baby with the hope that he remains healthy and hearty, the baby shower is organized. The mother-to-be is loaded with gifts and warm prayers for herself and her baby.

baby shower

Since this event is amazingly special, we thought of giving you several ideas regarding the invitation. So far you must be sending out normal, plain and boring invitations but have you ever thought of a video invitation for the celebration? Well, here are some reasons as to why you must opt for a video invite for the baby shower.

1. Personalized:

This is your personal joy and any random invitation would not be able to match up the level of importance the event holds for you. Sending a video invite with pictures of you two would be an amazing invitation indeed. It would be personalized with your own pictures and shall be remembered for a long time.

2. Interesting and fun:

Even your guests are going to love the video invites when you would send it to them. Personalized video invitations are always fun hence, you should not even think twice while opting for them.

3. Customization:

Who doesn’t love customization? Especially if this s your first baby, you must go for a video invitation for the baby shower. Go ahead and customize it with a lot of pictures and quotes. Sending it to your guests would add that emotional touch to the video invite.

4. Memories of making:

You are not going to have the baby shower every day, are you? So when it is once in a blue moon kind of affair, why not make it even more memorable? Sending a video invite over just plain and normal ones are like creating memories in the process. Your baby would grow old but, video invitation of his/her baby shower shall be memorable.


Do you believe that getting video invite done is troublesome? Well, what if we can do it for you? Yes, that’s right. Just a couple of steps that you have to take and you are all done. It would take us just 2 business days to prepare the video invite for you.

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