In case, you are contemplating DIY wedding bouquets, it is important to know how exactly you can make the best out of it. Single stem or the blossoming bushes, you can mix and match to create the most adorable wedding bouquets.


What you should know

The classic dome shaped bouquets have never failed brides and it is much easier to create these than you would imagine. Make sure you pick the harder stems like that of roses since they are easier to arrange. All it will take is thirty to sixty minutes to construct your stunning wedding bouquet.

Here are some great wedding bouquet combinations you can pick:

Irises, Statis, and Carnations

Get these beautiful purple hued flowers from the supermarket. It does not have to be a series of the flowers, instead, arrange them in an alternative pattern. The juxtaposition will make flowers appear fuller.


What’s appreciated about this combination is – the long and hard stems are easy to tie with thin wires. Once done with the wiring, cover the wires with a matching ribbon.

Mums and Daisies


With sturdy blooms and sunny hues, mums and daisies are available throughout the year. Get several bunch of flowers in varying sizes to make a vibrant wedding bouquet.

Place the bigger blooms heading outwards and smaller ones throughout the inner side. Secure the ribbon with a tape and tie a ribbon around it.

If you have kept the wedding themes and free online invitations in vibrant colors, then this bouquet will fit just perfectly.

Fresia, Tulips, Ranunculus, and small white Roses


Select flowers in varying shapes and sizes and when it comes to color keep it light and chic. Remove the extra fillers that come with these flowers and tie down the stem with a tape or wire.

Once it is secured, wrap a satin ribbon around it. There can’t be a better creation than this if you want the sassy look. Believe us; you are going to be proud of this creation.

Baby’s Breathe

The same floral stem that you used in other bouquets can be used to create a domes shape wedding bouquet.


Perfect for an outdoor wedding, all you have to do is tie these stems tightly. A complementing satin ribbon tied around the stem finishes the task and lets you walk down the aisle with pride.



Carnations are not just filler flowers; put together individually, they can create a great wedding bouquet. Mix them with baby’s breathing and you will have the ultimate bouquet for your wedding.

Whether it is the wedding bouquets, photo invitations or video invitations, DIYS are a way to enjoy you wedding to the fullest.