“How about this ma’am? Or this one?”- The sales executive at a famous greeting card shop was trying his best to woo her with his so called rich collection of cards. She on the other had seemed bored already.


Though she faked to check out the other options religiously, but her mind was not happy with any of the cards that were displayed. This is the fifteenth outlet she has visited since last week and she was never convinced. As she stepped out for a cup of coffee, she called her husband and vented her frustration out. Firstly, she was unable to attend her bestie’s wedding and on top of that, she could not just get the right card to greet her friend on her special day. She wanted her card to speak her mind, just like the howler mails in Harry Potter movies- rather than sweet ones.

As usual, her superman showed her the answer to all her worries- the Inviter web portal to design wedding video greeting for free and send out to the desired in one click. As she browsed more, she just fell in love with the technological wonder.

Do it your own way…

With Inviter, one can easily design their personalized video greeting the way they wish. Be it wishing a couple on their wedding or celebrating any family event, the Inviter video greetings are just the need of the hour. One can easily shoot a personalized message using their mobile camera, do some quick edits, add GIF’s and post it to the person for whom their love is ethereal. Be it a simple shout-out like “happy wedding day” or a heart-wrenching speech, Inviter video greetings bring the message straight from the sender’s mind to the recipient’s heart.

Feel friends around on ‘D’ Day

The day that makes one step into a new phase of life with the man they love unconditionally is their wedding. And close friends are the most important persons who make the day even more special and complete. Though surrounded by great people, the feeling of that close friend who is unable to attend the wedding haunts the bride. To keep her popped up, Inviter wedding video greetings from such loved ones are the best way to extend virtual proximity to the lady in the veil. It will drench her with happiness and feeling of togetherness.

May the Inviter greeting shower begin!