How many of you remember your grand pa and grand ma’s birthday or anniversary? What do you do for them on those special occasions? Grandparents are the root of your family. They are the ones who got your parents in this world. Their lives revolve around you since you were born and they become insanely protective as you grow up.


Time brings a huge gap between you and your grandparents as you move ahead in life to create your own destiny and manage your career side by side. You might be enjoying your life to the core, but have you ever thought for a moment how lonely they feel when you are not beside them even on their special moments? You do call them and wish heartily but will that solve the void in their life? How about a solution that makes both you and your grandparents happy? The Inviter video greetings has the right answer for this question.

Shoot and upload even while on the go…

Inviter is a boon for those who wish to make personalized video greetings for their near and dear. One can make their video, edit it; add music or theme to it and upload it to all their family and friends – free of cost. If you are amazed by this innovative web application, what will amaze you more is that you can shoot your video using hand cam or even mobile phones- Inviter does not hold any restriction on the image quality or size at all. Also, Inviter gives you the liberty to personalize your video to any extent that it directly hits the right cord in the receiver’s heart. Not just one recipient, you can send your video greetings to nearly fifty people in just one click. How amazing is that?

Make them Merrier in just 10 minutes

With such great gift from technology, Inviter video greetings are the best for sending your heartfelt love to your grandparents on their special day. They might have some trouble in seeing in dim light, so shoot your video with appropriate lighting.

They could even hear a bit loud, so amplify the audio as well so that your voice can clearly reach them. Speak those magical words to them that could moisten their eyes, but brighten their world. All it takes is five to ten minutes to get your Inviter greeting ready to make your Grand parent’s day merry!