Retirement is one of the most important events of our life cycle. Till the day of the retirement every one pushes themselves to work more and more and will lead a demanding and busy life. Retirement ceremonies are at times emotionally challenging for the person who is retiring and for their family members as well. I wonder why there are not many retirement planners like wedding planners.


Couple of years before, I was invited to my friends father’s retirement ceremony. I didn’t realize that retirement ceremony needs so much of planning till I attended it. According to my friend, compiling the information of the retiree, preparing retiree’s biography speech is the biggest challenge followed by inviting people for such a big surprise party. Number of his colleagues attended and gave speeches in the ceremony along with the family members. I could see that the other attendees were bored of colleagues and relatives long speeches.

If a person is working in the same location for long time, there will be a lot to share from friends and family members. Inwiter helps the colleagues and family members with Custom Video Greetings feature, which will be attractive and less boring, as it is full of images, videos and with the back ground music. Like in the birth day parties where kids open the birthday gifts, the retiree can have fun opening each of the Video Greeting in front of the attendees on a projector or now a days on the TV.

Using Inwiter’s video greeting feature, family members can compile all the images, videos available into a nice greeting. Collect all the photos from child hood, school life, if he changed number of jobs, include at least one photo from each Job and add details on each image or video as captions. You can also add a nice background music which goes well for the occasion. In the same way, colleagues can create video greetings from their image or video collection and make the retirement party memorable for everyone.

More than any one, it will be less painful for the retiree and will be very exciting and memorable retirement party for everyone who attended. It is the best tribute to the person who worked hard and supported the family and friends for decades. Inwiter helps you to capture the personal feelings and emotions in the form of Video Greetings. Let’s greet and make the next retirement party memorable using Inwiter’s Video Greetings.