Whether you’re Hispanic or not, the infamous Cinco de Mayo is Sunday. Now is the time to start thinking about this year’s festivities. Are you going to go out with a big group of friends or will you host a night of partying (and maybe a little misbehaving) at your place? Either way, start planning!


You can plan your event with Inwiter’s video invitations. Once you log-in, set the date, time, and add instructions. Then comes the fun part.

Customize your invitations by adding a video (or two) or photos from last year’s festivities. It will remind your friends of all the fun you had and perhaps encourage them that a repeat is just what they need. Add your messaging to the pictures, pick a song, add your guest list and you have yourself the new trendy way to invite your friends to a night of limes and margaritas. Creating video invitations with Inwiter really is that easy. Once you’ve send your invitations, you can monitor the RSVP list online and post it to Facebook.

Creating an event just got easier and (let’s admit it) more enjoyable. Where else can you create an invitation using your own images and video?  Create and send your Cinco de Mayo video invitations tonight!