The naming ceremony is an eventful day once in a lifetime as the baby gets a name on this auspicious day. It is particularly concerned with recognizing and celebrating the birth of a child with close friends and family members.

Naming Ceremony
Naming Ceremony Event

Different religions have their specific set of rules and customs that need to be followed. The naming ceremony can be a destination one or a home ceremony. Irrespective of the location, it is supposed to be a memorable experience for everyone and even though the baby may not retain much he or she can always look at the pictures once they grow up. Now, designing of invitation card comes to mind. It can be a time-consuming aspect of the invitation process. But with the advent of technology and social media, we are blessed with so many currents gadgets and tools. Recently the online video invitations are doing the rounds. This is the latest trendsetter. This is simply because of the fact that people tend to retain more information from an audio-visual clip rather than any textual or written scriptures and scribbling.

Naming Ceremony Video Invitations

Select photos or clips based on the theme of the occasion like a naming ceremony and send it to everyone. Hence the invited guests receiving the video invitation will be able to relate easily. It would be a delightful and cherishable experience for the guests to relive those happy memories. But the video should not be too long because it may strike as tedious to some guests.

Naming Ceremony Video Invitation

The naming ceremony may or may not have religious significance. So in accordance with one’s religious orientations, the family have to follow the laid down set of textbook rules that are issued. The video can touch upon so many topics and subjects in a short span that it has become a convenient aspect of any ceremony. And the good thing is people generally don’t overlook any visual materials.

The videos touch upon the venue of the event, date and time of the occasion. It provides the address with a map view also to help the guests arriving from different locations and for convenience.

Take adequate measure to not post clips that are concerned with the occasion. Don’t put any off-putting information that may be impolite.

Organizations like provide services for theme and occasion based video creation. Upon availing their service, they collect pictures, videos, perform editing and attach music and create the video which then confirmed by the party. After preparing the concerned video they send it to the required party via an email as specified by the party. This is really handy and also comes at a reasonable cost especially if time management is an issue.