Birthdays are the most enjoyable days in a year for a person. And if its 18th birthday party then this requires some serious attention. Turning 18 signifies that you are on the threshold of becoming an adult and it signifies freedom in certain ways. This is the one day where you get to invite close friends and have a real blast to remember for the rest of your lives.


To have a properly planned birthday party that is both enjoyable and not too crazy to follow some of the pointers below:

  • Video invitations are currently doing the rounds in the online digital market. This can be very well be used to make invitations to any occasions like birthdays and ceremonies. This is simply because of the long-prevailing fact that people tend to retain more data and information from an audio-visual clip rather than any textual or written data or information. Select photos or clips based on the occasion and send it to everyone. Invited guests receiving the video card will be able to relate easily and it would be a delightful experience. The video should indicate a clear reference to the venue, date and time of the occasion.
  • Plan for an outdoor party like a trip to some picnic spot or if budget permits a swimming pool party at a resort. Arrange for foods and have a really good time with your friends.
  • Plan for a movie outing with friends if any good movies are currently in the theatres. After watching the movie you can throw a treat for your friends at a fancy restaurant and enjoy the rest of the evening.
  • A theme-based party is always fun. You can arrange for any theme, based on movies or animated films.
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt at your party. This is an interesting way to spend the birthday with an outdoor stint.
  • If you happen to have a pool at your house arrange for a pool party and pool games. Spending time in the cool waters and having fun splashing water is a really cool way to have a party.
  • Arrange for any standup shows like comedy shows or arrange for karaoke.
  • You can set up a projector and enjoy watching a movie at home.
  • If your friends and you happen to be gaming enthusiasts then decide a game that allows multiplayer and have an exciting time.
  • It is always nice to think outside of the box for your own party and possibly discuss this with close friends.

Online Video Invitations:

Creating video greetings has been made easy and time and cost-effective since this can prove to be quite troublesome. Video Invitations also does not require one to approach every guest individually. Organizations like provide services for the theme and occasion-based video creation. They collect pictures, video clips, perform editing and attach music to make a short clip based on the occasion. After preparing the video they are accountable enough to send it to the concerned parties via an email as specified by the party who avails their services. This really is an efficient way to tackle the troublesome aspect of creating a purposeful online video invitation.