Upanayanam or Thread ceremonies are an auspicious event in the lifetime of a person. It is a tradition in Hinduism for the boy to have a thread ceremony where he receives a thread (yajnopavita). And he continues to wear it for as long as he lives. In the medieval ages. It was believed to be a pious rite for the beginning of education, arts, numbers and Veda Shastras. Typically it is done at the age of 8 years but nowadays the rules have changed and so have the stringent tradition of the ceremony. With the modernization of this world, things have undergone a drastic metamorphosis. Today, technology is at its peak and we have adjusted our lifestyle accordingly. With the emergence of social media platforms and sophisticated devices like smartphones, the world looks like a small place to live.


Video Invitations for Upanayanam Celebration:

Video invitations or video greeting cards are currently trending in the market. This is based on a scientific fact that people are likely to retain maximum information shared through audio-visual simulation rather than textual context. It actually serves to benefit both ways. It is both time and cost-effective. Preparing a theme-based video invitation just once and sharing it via social media rather than approaching everyone individually. So here are a few points that highlight the multifarious facets of this trending tool:

Upanayanam Invitation

A few points about video invitations:

  • Select photos or clips based on the theme of the occasion like a thread ceremony and send it to everyone. Invited guests receiving the video invitation will be able to relate easily and if the clips contain pictures taken together in previous meetings, it would be a delight for the eyes and the heart.
  • The thread ceremony acts as a way for the young man to seek blessings from everyone. The ceremony itself prepares the one accepting it for future spiritual endeavors. The sacred thread itself symbolizes different important aspects or matters pertaining to Hindu traditions. Inviting guests over this holy ritual is both esoteric and reverent. And to share this particular experience with the loved ones and elders is absolute bliss.
  • The videos provide a clear reference to the venue, date and time of the occasion. It provides the address with a map view too for the benefit of the guests arriving from different locations.
  • Take proper precaution to post clips that are concerned with the occasion. Don’t put any off-putting information.

Companies like inviter.com provide services for theme and occasion based video creation. Upon availing their service, they collect pictures, videos, and create a short clip adding certain editing and attaching music. After completion of the videos, they are accountable enough to send it to the required party via an email as specified by the party. This is really useful and also comes at a reasonable cost especially if time management is an issue.