Birthdays are so cool; Cake, snacks, food, drinks and lots of fun. And especially being the center of attraction for throughout the party, wows tell me about it. Yes, but before enjoying the feeling of being extra-special, you must work out on planning the party. And the most important part of planning your birthday event is sending out the invites to the long list of friends. So, if the party is going to be cool, why not the invites?

birthday party

Here are some of the video invitations ideas that you can make use of while sending your next birthday invite.

1. Share your last birthday party snippet

Share a memorable blast from your last birthday party before you tape your invite. And just let your friends know that’s the extravagant fun everyone can look forward to. Your friends would love to see this and come ready for the fun.

2. Any Guest of Honor? Great!

This might just suit more for a wedding invitation, but what’ the harm in trying. Any bunny/Aditi (YJHD Movie) in your group who has just been away for long time and now somehow, he/she is here for your birthday? Wow, that can make for such a good video invite. Just let your friends know that the prodigal friend returns, don’t reveal who it is, let them keep guessing. They will find it out in your birthday party.

3. Make Wishes. Or Better List Them. They may come true!

Your friends out there must be already thinking over your birthday gift. What better than you yourself let them know your wishes? Of course, that doesn’t in any way mean you are demanding. It’s just another cool way. You can choose to send such a video invite to your close friends, and probably they might even gift you something exactly opposite, coz that’s what friends do. But nonetheless you will make for a cool invitation.

4. Can You Name Them All?

Invite them all in the video. Read out the names of all the invites in your video. So, here it’s like everyone is aware of who all can be expected. This can add to the fun, someone may just show up coz his/her crush is there in the list. And of course, you don’t have to answer those friends who keep asking “Hey is he/she coming?”

5. Make a collage of memories!

You can make a collage of all your years from childhood to the present and say now you are 21 and ask your friends to come share the joy with you. Or if you have collection of all your previous birthdays, you can share the same in the video and then make the invite asking to make this year a memorable one for you too. This idea can work great if you have a good collection of pictures.

Fortnite Theme Birthday Invitation Video

So, go ahead and send an innovative video invite to your friends for your coming birthday. Any ideas under your sleeve let know in the comments below.