It feels like it was just yesterday that your little prince was born, and suddenly eleven months have passed. Your son is about to turn one and it is time to plan the very 1st birthday party. Every parent would want to make their child’s first birthday very special. One-year-olds obviously don’t care much for they don’t really understand much. But that does not stop a parent from making the best of arrangements. But where to start from? Here are a few ideas to make your son’s 1st birthday party a tad bit special.

1st birthday party

1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

1. Decorate the party according to some animal theme. Pets and cute animals are of great interest to babies. Not only will it make for an extremely cute party but also really excite the baby and its other tiny friends. Give a hint about which animal you choose, like a puppy or baby elephant, in the video invitation via Inviter so that your guests can also contribute in their own ways.

2. If you are planning to go ahead with a gender specific theme, color is a great game to play. Blue is the color that is associated with boys and also makes for a very vibrant theme color. When you send out the online video invitations through Inviter, make that the background color. Incorporate things which are blue in color or associated with it for your one-year-old.

3. The Jungle Book party is another fun theme to go with for a birthday party. Baloo, Bagheera, and Mowgli have been quite famous among kids for years now. Beautiful online invitations can be sent out in video formats through the Inviter according to the same theme. The party will not only look absolutely pretty but also be fun.

4. Balloon Party is certainly another fun way to celebrate your child’s first birthday. Colorful balloons with polka dots and patterns will excite your child for sure. You can also have a huge balloon pool outdoors and it can turn into a balloon cum pool party. What a cool birthday your little one will recall when he grows up!

5. Legos can be a fun way to let your child and his toddler friends experiment on a fun day. And you never know what a genius your child may turn out to be at the age of only one. The birthday video invitations can be very funky with decorative colorful legos popping out from here and there.

While you already know how convenient electronic invitations are, it doesn’t require you to send out boring, single sheet invites. You can do so much with only invites and with Inviter. You can even make video invitations for your guests. If you have any 1st birthday party ideas for boys, we would love to hear it from you.