As parents, you would always want to make your little princess’s first birthday a very special one. Even if she wouldn’t understand or remember half the things around her, she would eventually grow up and see the beautiful photos and memories. It is then when she will feel absolutely special. Understanding her preferences when she is one is definitely not possible. In cases like these, you can only stick to themes of your own choice or those that are gender specific. With fun video invitations via Inviter and colorful decorative theme, you can make the birthday party really special and memorable. Here are a few ideas for your little girl’s 1st birthday party.

1st birthday party
1st birthday party

Girl’s 1st Birthday Party Ideas

1. Butterflies are extremely pretty and symbolize freedom and joy. No other theme can be better for your child’s early years and birthday party. From stickers to hanging origami butterflies, you can decorate your home with them. You can also contain real butterflies in jars and then set them free together in a room. Can you imagine the joy it is going to bring to your little one?

Birthday Video Invitation

2. Make bunny headgears for your little one and her guests. The squishy little kids will run around looking like bunnies and have so much fun just looking at each other. Can a party be any cuter than bunnies hopping around? The online video invites via Inviter can have little bunnies reading out the invitations to the guests and hint at the theme of the party.

3. Pink. I know you got the idea already. Yes, everything has to be pink, starting from the cake to the decorations. Not to mention, your little princess has to be dressed in pink too. Every little girl is associated with pink, at least during her initial childhood years. So what is better than making the video invitation via Inviter entirely in pink and pep.

4. Getting clowns on your little one’s birthday is the best way of entertainment as well as making the party look pretty. Their funny behavior and playful nature will keep the children engaged at every hour of the party and hence also make it less hectic for the parents. The video invitation can be made colorful with funny ways of inviting. Inviter gives you the option of creating video invitations and hence making it easier.

5. Costumed characters have held an enormous position in children’s hearts since years. Kids love costumed characters. It is a great mode of entertainment and will make their day wonderful. The leading characters of popular shows and cartoon shows are usually the best choices. Same can be the theme or the video invitation that you choose to send via Inviter.

You already will have so much of planning and executing to do. We are sure you would not want to spend a lot of time on the invitations. Use Inviter and make your work half easier with results only more beautiful. Have other ideas for a 1st birthday party? Share them with us.