When you decide to use Video invitation, there are so many things you can create with it. You can add creativity and add personalized detail and makes it more beautiful. But there are certain things that you need to consider while making a video invite. Here is the list of things you should avoid while making a video invite to a wedding.

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Things you should avoid while making a video invite to a wedding:

  • You can add pictures to your wedding video invite. You can make it more beautiful and personalized. But adding more pictures will make it a picture album and not your wedding invitation. Make sure to add little pictures and use other features like video and animations.
Wedding Video Invitation
  • If you create a long video invite, no one will stay until the end. It needs to be short so that people can watch it anywhere anytime. The longer you make it, the more boring it will become. Try to create a short wedding video invite.
  • You can add any type of pictures in it, even yours and your family and your life partner. But adding personal pictures will increase the risk of misuses. You can create it and send it to your friends and relative but if someone posts it on the internet, it won’t be a good thing if they see your more intimate and personal pictures.
  • You can say whatever you like in your video invite. Also, you can create a video and attach it to the video invite. But don’t mention anything specific such as bringing children or the drinking arrangement at the wedding. It’s not so much as polite and it will ruin the mood and won’t fit in the invite.
  • You can mention the detail of your wedding, the venue, and the timing but make sure to send the notes or email of the detail. As the video won’t be available to them all the time. It’s better to send the important species in the different attachment.
  • Choose music wisely. Maybe your young friends would love rock songs, but your grandma would lose her mind when they don’t understand what it was. Don’t add too much loud music cause it will distract them and they won’t hear anything you said.
  • Make the video invite simple and yet attractive. Try to be a little lighter with colors and make it more unique. It would be trending or look cool but it’s just hard to watch. Video invite gives you so many options to edit and add a new feature, they even suggest you what to add.

We all know that video invitations are trending nowadays, but it needs to be created with care. You can create your own theme and add video but if we add too much then it won’t help anyone.

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