Even though your child is a teenager, but kids love birthday parties. The problem about teenager birthday party is finding the perfect theme which is both accepted by the teen and by his parents. But here some of the most accepted and popular themes have been listed.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party:

It is basically a fun-filled adventure game where the teens would enjoy the thrill of material hunting. You may choose the old paper pen one or the latest one which involves video cam or even glows in the dark accessories. It will be lots of fun and adventure for your kids.

Mystery birthday party for teens:

let the teens at the party solve the criminal case. You can select your type of mystery where the guests can get a costume and play a character. You may also organize a game where the teens must solve the crime with the help of clues and find the evidence.

A teen costume birthday party:

You may choose from some great costume parties. The 1950’s has always been a great era to revisit. The 70’s and the 80’s has the great Star Trek theme. The teens would learn the volcano greeting, live long and prosper. You may also opt for the famous Couple’s costume theme and lets the dress up as old-time couples or rock stars of the modern era.

Twilight day theme birthday party:

Most of the teens are fans of the famous Stephen Meyer Twilight saga. Twilight idea parties are fun. You can find trivia from novels and make up your own trivia quiz. Let the teens participate in their own cooking events where they would make their own twilight foods using caramel, chocolate, jelly and crushed candy. You can also make twilight surprise bags of blood which would include candies, wax fangs and twilight secret conversation. The best person who scores the most stands up Bella and Edward.

You may also organize a karaoke or a dance party:

While organizing these events make sure that your film them from the beginning. The teens would get involved if you select the right music. Consult with your own kids and make sure what the others would like. Every teen dream of being a rock star or a popular dancer. So, with these events at the party, they would be able to fulfil their dream.

Lastly, the most important thing is the invitations which you must not forget. Make a list of the guests that you would be inviting. You may send email invitations or card invitations but one of the most popular ways of inviting is with the help of video Invitations. Companies like inviter.com firstly collect pictures and videos from you, create a proper video with music and according to the theme and then they send it to the guests from your list.