Kitty parties are very much prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. These are traditionally popular ways for the women folk to socialize. The parties are generally being organized on a monthly basis though it may differ from person to person. Kitty refers to the fund that is being collected by every member of the club to organize such parties. Every member takes a turn to throw kitty party as per everyone’s convenience and it usually takes place during the afternoon. It provides a chance for the women to share discuss certain aspects of lifestyles. It is a kind of forum that gives the women folk to voice their opinions.

kitty parties

With the emergence of new technological facilities, we are blessed to have multifarious utilities and gadgets at our disposal. We can embrace so many aspects that generally wasn’t the case five decades ago. In this new age, women are bold in their decisions and they raise their voice demanding change or protest against any misconduct in the society. We are truly glad to see women becoming independent and the society aiming for gender equality rather than a patriarchal based society. The kitty parties serve as a kind of women forum. It also may always be not that serious and is organized. Just to have a lovely afternoon catching up with everyone else and enjoy chatting and gossiping.

Video invitations & video greetings for kitty parties:

kitty party invitations

Video invitations are currently doing the rounds in the social and digital market. This can be very well be used to make invitations to any occasions and ceremonies. This is simply because of the long-existing fact that people tend to retain more data and information from an audio-visual clip rather than any textual or written data or information.

Select photos or clips based on the theme of the occasion and send it to everyone. Invited guests receiving the video card will be able to relate easily. And if the clips contain pictures taken together at previous meetings, it would be a delightful experience. The video provides a clear reference to the venue, date and time of the occasion

Creating video greetings have been made easy and time and cost effective. Since this can prove to be quite troublesome while creating the video. Video Invitations also does not require one to approach every guest individually thus saving time. Organizations like provide services for theme and occasion based video creation. They collect pictures, video clips, perform editing and attach music to make a short clip based on the occasion. After preparing the video they are accountable enough to send it to the concerned parties via an email as specified by the party who avails their services. This really is an efficient way to tackle the troublesome aspect of creating a purposeful video greeting card.