Who doesn’t love a good party? Parties mean fun, food, and dancing. Not everyone is good at throwing an epic party. It needs to be entertaining and memorable, your guest needs to feel it and enjoy every moment of it. Here is the list of tricks to make your house party super fun.

house party
People having fun at party


Now the first thing you need to do when you throw a house party, make space in your house. You may have less furniture but when its party, the less is preferable. Use corners, make sitting in the corner so that people don’t bump into each other while dancing or moving around the house.


Lights can play a big part during the party. You don’t want to flood your room with bright light because after having few drinks, it’s get annoying. Make it little dim but not total dark. Dark could be a disaster for your party. If you are planning to do some dance, then bring a party light ball so it looks cool.


It’s one of the best thing about the party, everyone loves to drink, but why stop yourself at just beers and wine. Make something creative and bring out some colorful cocktail in fancy jars, rather than plastic glass. The tastier the drinks, more people will remember it.


What makes the party more interesting? Of course, party games. There are so many games, you don’t need to spend a dime. Have a pack of playing cards and spread it on the table, your friends will spend whole night playing card games. Beer ping pong or photo booth is another one to try. Games are the unspoken arrangement at the party which make the party more enjoyable.


As the host, it’s your duty to introduce people to one another. How awkward it could become when you invite people who don’t know each other, and they will spend whole time standing in the corner or some of your introvert friends will follow you around. Break the ice and introduce people and make conversation.

No Phone:

We all know that how much our time we spend on our phones. We spend more than enough time on that tiny screen that we miss the party and fun. Make the arrangement to collect the phones at the door so that your guests can enjoy their time.

Don’t get drunk:

It’s kind of strange, but when you think about it, you will be thankful. Yes, it’s your party and you also need to enjoy, but if you will gulp the drinks like a seal than you wouldn’t know what is happening inside your house. After all, someone needs to be sober to look out for other people. You can take a small sip at the whole time for the party but be sober.

We hope these tips shall work in your favor and you would be able to throw an epic house party. Do let us know if there is something that we have missed upon.