The idea of trimming the wedding guest list is dreaded by every couple, and it could result in a tug of war between them. If you are one who wants to throw a big fat wedding, then you need to know the right rules to handle that list. Just a bit of smart wedding planning is all you need.


The Perfect Venue

For a big crowd, there must be an open place. After all, you don’t want the area to be overcrowded and the place to turn into a real menace. One great way to do this is by opting for an irregular open space. Look for an open and deserted place where all your guests can enjoy to the fullest.

Assign the Work

Don’t overload yourself with all the work. The best bet will be dividing the work among friends and family. Assign the tasks to each of them so that you don’t have to manage everything on your own. Assigning work means you know who is responsible for which work, and its easy to avert a disaster.

Use a Guest List Manager

There are manual ways to make the perfect wedding arrangements, but utilizing the top class tools can make it easier.

Starting from the guest list to adding the schedules, locations, and numbers, these tools can reduce the task to half. Not just wedding parties, these tools are meant for handling all sorts of wedding management. Just like the online invitations, these tools can help organize everything in a better way.

Avoid last-minute add-ons

Don’t be surprised on receiving the last minute call from one of your college friends whom you had not planned to invite. This is never an easy situation to respond to, yet you have to be firm on your decisions.

After all, you can’t invite every single person to your wedding. Better be prepared and polite while handling such situations. Make excuses like “We are keeping it short and simple”. The whole idea is to be clear about your decisions.

The Golden Rule

All sorts of chaos can be put to an end if you keep the guest list short. Because it’s your wedding, it can’t be of any good if you are putting other things on priority.

Make your dream list and invite only those who you really want to see at your wedding. It’s fine even if you have to do some trimming and additions later.

Take a cue from here and make a fantastic wedding planning.