Birthday bash may involve only family members as your kid is only 1-year-old. But now he’s three years and already has attended many birthday parties as well. So, they obviously want party not restricted to family members only.


But it’s your child’ big day and you can’t cut down on fun and entertainment. This does not mean you can’t keep the budget low. Check out tips that can help you host a birthday bash on a budget:

The invitation cheat sheet:

You don’t need to cut out fancy birthday invites that are expensive and time-consuming. Instead, you could use Inviter, to send free online invitations to anyone with personalized invitations including videos or pictures.

The simple games:


Renting entertainers are not only expensive but even costs you the suitable venue and props they require. Instead, why not ask your talented friend to lend a favor to you?
The simple fun trampolines and even water balloon fights in the backyard wouldn’t cost you hundreds.

The venue puzzle:


The most daunting task can be picking up the perfect venue to host the kid’s birthday party. If your home is large enough to accommodate kids, then go for it.
You can even hire a cleaning service on a rental if you don’t want to deal with the mess. It still cost less than the venue’s rent.

Where’s food?


If you don’t want to spend a penny more food except sweets and candies, then keep the timings, not near lunch or dinner.

Why not try homemade popcorns, macaroni and donut cake? It will take some time and skills, but it’s worth to serve with love.

It’s party time!


It’s common for parents to hire actors, magicians and similar entertainers for the birthday party. But to save $100-$200 bucks, why not try traditional games?
Even tug-of-war, crafts activities, movie screenings or talents shows can light up the party.

Birthday party bags:


Small bags of candy, large bags of sweets, or simple mementos (why not check Inviter to get some cool and fun ideas) with a candy, it can be anything, but it would certainly not be free.
But you can skip the goody bags (as most of the parents don’t love to see them trashed in their hall) and replace them with any craft creation they made during the party or a colorful balloon.

Pretty decorations:


Does it really matter that walls were decorated with pink or green? In the end of the day, only food and entertainment matters.

A simple polka dot tablecloth with colorful plastic paper plates and the cup would also look appealing and sweet to kids.

A budget-friendly birthday party may cost few efforts, some pain killers and loads of love. But in the end, its celebration and smiles that last long.