Your wedding is one of the most important event in your life after all most it happens just once. This sacred event is at times one of the most awaited moment in our lives. However, wedding is such a huge deal. Doing arrangements before wedding is not at all an easy task which is why people often begin planning right from the very beginning, say 2 months prior.

wedding invitation

There are so many things that one must take care of and mind you each detail counts ferociously. So, while one cares about wedding shopping, gifting, catering, venue arrangements and so on. One of the most vital aspect of a wedding is its invitation.

Traditionally, people used to visit each other’s homes and distribute the wedding card. However, this process is tedious. While this process might be a feel-good process, yet one can imagine the nightmare of visiting each and everyone’s home in the middle of the wedding chaos that is ongoing. While one is already bogged down with so much of wedding work the distribution of card only adds up yet another meaningless time-wasting process.

So, what can be done? Well, you can always switch to the digital version of invitation. Digital versions of invitations are fun, customized and personalized as well. If you think it is difficult let me tell you that, it is super easy, convenient and most importantly you would end up saving a lot of your own time.

So how to get it done?

Our website is loaded with templates of a different type, all you got to do is search and choose your favorite template. There are free as well as paid ones.

Free wedding invitation video templates:

Once you choose your template, you just need to add photos, event details to it. Make it as personalized as you can. It will take us just 2-3 minutes to convert it into a beautiful invitation video. You can further send it to your loved ones using various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and so on. Your free wedding invitation video is going to be loved by all.

Wedding Invitation Video Template

Wedding is an important affair and it is vital that you make every arrangement prim and properly. When it comes to free wedding invitation video you can leave it up on us since we provide the best of what we can. Give it a try and we are sure that you are totally going to love the service that we provide.