We all are aware that video invites are there around us for a while now. They are trending exactly like a pre-wedding shoot. Well, without a doubt there are ample of reasons as to why video invitations are preferred widely. Apart from them being interesting enough, they do come with a bunch of benefits.

video invitations

In case you are still confused about whether to go for a traditional invitation or the trendy video invitations – we are going to sort your confusion forever. Check out these reasons and decide for yourself.

1. Traditional invitation cards are not at all eco-friendly, however when it comes to video invitations be assured that you are choosing an eco-friendly invitation instead. This definitely counts. You don’t want to embark a new journey of life by contributing to the destruction of the environment, do you? So, pick wisely.

2. Traditional invitations are bored simply because now they have been overused on the same pattern. There is a dearth of newness in those invitation cards. This isn’t the case with video invitations. They are fun and fresh. People just don’t get bored with video invitations.

3. Are you not aware of the hassle that traditional invitation cards bring to you? You got to choose the design, give the written material at times. Then you personally go to each guest’s place otherwise post it to your native place. God forbid if the courier fails to get delivered to your place, your entire going to get upset. Avoid this hoopla altogether and choose video invitations. They are hassle-free and convenient in every way.

4. Video wedding invites are undoubtedly personalized. You can add as many memories as you want to your video invite but that is not the case with traditional invitation cards. They definitely lack personalization.

We told you enough about the video invitation but, you must be wondering where can you get it done even if you decided to. Well, that is where we come into the picture. We can assist you and make an interesting wedding invite in just 2 business days. Simply follow these simple steps and you would be all set to send video invitations for your wedding.

a. Pick up one of the numerous templates that we have showcased on our website. These highly personalized wedding video invitation templates are meant to suit different occasions. Once you finalize your favorite one, we move to the next step.

b. Our representative shall get in touch with you regarding the requirements of the photos. He/she shall guide you about the kind of pictures and videos that would look great for an invitation. Once you send the requirement you are done with the second step too.

c. The third step is to relax while we are at work. It will take us just 2 business days to submit the video invitation. In the meantime, you can concentrate on your wedding.

We hope you are enough convincing. Don’t forget to suggest a video invite to your friend if he/she is getting married.