Yours is a love story that inspires everyone who gets to hear it from her, for she really is one of the best storytellers that you have come across. The struggles that followed ever since you both met and the efforts it took to make things work out, reflects in your bond today – the way you both look at each other. It really was one of the best decisions to propose to her out of the blue, and take her by a gush of surprise that she proudly narrates to everyone who asks. You both have always been the kind who takes things further up by a notch and thoroughly enjoy the drama that follows.

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Celebrating the joy

Wedding is an affair that not only celebrates the love that exists between two people, but also revolves around the good memories that these two people have manages to build with their family, friends and colleagues. It is a massive celebration of a love affair that materializes into vows binding them together so beautifully. And the whole saga is nothing less than a celebration of the lives of two unique souls. You need to have one of those magnificent wedding ceremonies that always leaves you with a broad smile on your face, whenever you revisit the memories from your big day.

Immortalized in cyberspace

You only get one chance to do this right. So Inviter understands your need to be as elaborate as it can get. We understand your excitement to develop a whole new wedding invitation website strictly dedicated to your wedding story, with all your photographs, video clips and your handwritten notes to each other, will sit around for your world to witness. Once done setting up, you forward the link to this website to all your friends and family, via texts, emails and other social media platforms, where you have to add a personal note for them to RSVP their response to you via email. As fancy as this sounds, it surely is a task to keep track of all the responses and thus, keep a headcount of your expected guests.

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Wedding invitation website – A step ahead

Building a wedding invitation website may sound like a good idea, but it surely does come with a lot of extra efforts and unwanted hassles. The cost of creating and hosting a website is also pretty high as opposed to the whole idea of online invitations. Thus, with Inviter you can create your wedding invitations such that you achieve a website look and feel at a minimal cost. All you have to do is get creative with the design and layout of the invitation and add in a couple of pictures and videos to your choice and send it across to all your guests with a few simple clicks. Furthermore, Inviter tracks the RSVP from all your guests and keeps you posted with the tracker. So that you are well aware of the strength of people who shall be able to make it to your big day.

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