What made a wedding memorable and last in the memories of everyone who attend it? Of course the wedding theme, for a long period of time, couples get married with traditional type wedding. Nothing much of nuance added to it, but today’s couple wants something out of the box and want to remember their special day forever. That is why we have some wedding theme idea to share.


1. Beach theme:

For many years, ocean and seashores have been attracted couples. It’s something different and romantic as well. Much like a destination wedding but with the sound of the tide and cool breeze. It would be marvelously to set a beach theme for your big day as you can do a lot more with it.

2. Vintage theme:

We have seen them in the movies and read them in the books, but to live them is an entirely thrilling experience. So get a vintage carriage and tea party because it’s going to be a vintage wedding. The bride can wear awesome vintage gown and groom can flaunt in Victorian style dress. It would be epic and memorable for sure.

3. Harry Potter:

If you are a Potterhead than you would love it. The magical place of Hogwarts and your favorite wizards. It would be amazing to set a harry potter style wedding. You can play games like Quddich and set the attire accordingly. Everyone dreamed of attending that magical place that means your wedding would be a houseful party.

4. Rustic theme:

This one is quite popular and you can have tons of option to make it more unique. A rustic theme wedding is an outdoor wedding, close to nature. You can add flower and decor that have an influence on nature. It could be a grand wedding with much less cost as it doesn’t need much of decoration because nature is beautiful in itself and when two people tie the knot, it would be more romantic.

5. Travel theme:

For the couple who love to travel, it’s just for you. A travel theme can be surprisingly amazing as you can add too many colors to it. You can both get together the place you have visited or the places on your bucket list and design it accordingly. You can add the lighting and flowers into it which become like traveling there too. a travel theme can get you so many nostalgic feeling with the added excitement of getting married.

6. Hollywood theme:

For the couples who are too much into movies, it’s your opportunity to live it. You can make a Hollywood theme wedding to add sparkles and glamour to your wedding. You can make it classic Hollywood theme or anything related to it. You can walk on the red carpet and poses in front of paparazzi.

Wedding themes are essential elements in the wedding. It brings together people and they left it with lots of memories to cherish.Weddings which have themes would be remembered long after and always by the couple and one who attend it. And create your wedding invitations that match your theme with Inviter.