Last month Bob celebrated his 25th birthday and the party was a grand celebration. The ambiance and the arrangements were so dynamic that all his guests enjoyed the event. Bob was overwhelmed with the RSVP which he never expected to be. It was a grand event as Bob turned 25 this year.

Thank you video greetings

His parents were overjoyed to see his happiness. And now it’s time for Bob to send a ‘Thank You’ gesture to his guests who were present in the event. So Bob is now confused about how he should send them a ‘Thank You’ note.

Thank You Video Greetings

Bob wanted the ‘Thank You’ greetings to be very special. He searched for the various processes of conveying it, but none impressed him. Eventually, he came across that creates video greetings for free. Bob found this idea very innovative and thought to give it a try. What he needed to do is just record a simple ‘Thank You’ note in a brief video which he could easily do.

He immediately picked up his mobile and recorded a ‘Thank You’ video. After the recording is done, he uploaded it to after a simple sign up process with his picture. He personalized email and guest page background, and font colors that would suit his video. After it is finalized, he selected his contacts and emailed the video greetings to his guests.

How works? allows just 5 simple steps to send your personalized thank you video greetings.

  • Choose your event details and location
  • Upload your photo/ video with a custom email display message
  • Customize your email template with a subject, salutation, background, fonts, and colors
  • Customize your guest page from multiple templates, RSVP labels, fonts, and button colors
  • Add your guests from your contacts list and send them the greetings

Simple, isn’t it? Now you can guess why Bob adopted this method to send his ‘Thank You’ greetings to his guests.

After Bob sent the greetings, within a few hours he received bundles of phone calls. His guests were so delighted to see the video greetings that they could not stop ringing him up and expressed their happiness. That was a double blast for him because he couldn’t expect such a response and it worked perfectly for him.

Paying gratitude is a graceful thing and only your guests can understand this feeling. By sending a ‘Thank You’ video greetings, Bob made his guests feel honored and respected that most of us often dis-remember to do. With a companion like this, you can effortlessly make your guests feel privileged without spending a penny for the greetings.

So whether a birthday party or any other event, do not forget to gratify your guests with thank you video greetings. Let them know how much you value them.