With the bridal chorus playing beautifully in the background and your little niece sprinkling flower petals all over the aisle to mark your luxurious entrance. And you remember smiling broadly at your father, as he gently walked you down the aisle with glimmering eyes.

thank you video greetings

You could feel all eyes on you. With silent gasps and long sighs rejoicing at the beauty of the whole moment that was taking place. You stole a glance at your bridesmaids who had spent so many efforts in ensuring that the arrangements were nothing short of perfection. They truly are a blessing in your life. And you even caught his best man smile and wink at you, like he always does, to refill you with all the assurance you need from a dear friend of his.

But the only eyes that really held your gaze for the rest of the show, belonged to the man who turned your world upside down. And the “I do” that followed was nothing but the beginning of the most beautiful chapter of your life. You could have wished for nothing more enchanting.

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It was a picturesque ceremony that was witnessed by almost all of your family and friends, especially the loved ones who matter. All your guests flew in from different parts of the world just to help you celebrate your big day. And bless you with all their good wishes. You can’t be more thankful to each and every one of them who enjoyed this union that you exult upon with all your heart. Those additional efforts made by a lot of your close family and friends to help you organize the event. And make sure that everything was managed nice and proper. So that you could sit back and enjoy your moments and feelings – they were commendable.

Inviter understands your need to personally thank each and everyone who made it to the wedding. And especially the ones who helped you bring it all together.

Thank you video greetings

Inviter provides you with the right tools that are designed such that you can record the perfect thank you video greetings with a lovely message addressing everyone personally. You can use these video messages to make sure that people know how grateful you are towards their kind gestures. And also how lovely you felt they were to be able to make it to the wedding.

You can ditch the traditional thank-you notes that generally get lost in the mail. And instead give a glimpse of your beautiful new life, to all your family and friends while showing your deep love and respect for the time they spent and the efforts they made in your direction. It is always amazing to show people your appreciation. And Inviter helps you do just that, with a couple of easy steps. We ensure that we reach out to all your guests and deliver your beautiful thank you video greetings to them.