Getting hitched on a budget while planning a wedding is no surprise. This is the one such day when you want all your friends and family to be at one place that too within a budget constraint. Get creative to trim your wedding budget with these parts of the wedding preparations.

wedding budget

Look for Wide-Open Space

Once you have decided on the theme of the wedding, look for a wide space that is not a wedding hotspot. These spaces are much more vibrant and romantic than the expensive wedding locations. Not just you, but even the guests will be fascinated by the outdoor wedding spots. Ultimately, you will be exchanging the vows at a place that has not added to your wedding budget.


Go High on Creativity

The more creative you get, the lower will be the wedding budget. The DIY wedding is more exciting than the normal ones where you hire vendors for every little arrangement. Get creative, select an incredible theme, create the photo invitation or video invitation, do the decorations, and set the most of the arrangements yourself.

Avoid the Bloating Guest List

Anticipating the dear ones on a wedding day is a genuine feeling, but don’t get overhauled by it. With each addition you are making, the cost will be increased. To save a big deal on your wedding day, try to make the event more intimate. Send online invitations to the closest ones and see how happy you will be to see the bills.

Minimize the Flowers

One of the most expensive parts of the wedding arrangement are – the flowers. Anyhow, the flowers are going to die within hours of the wedding so what’s the point of spending boat lands of money on it? If you don’t keep a control on the flower selection, it can cost you thousands of dollars. Either go for fake flowers or minimize the quantity to a few bouquets.

Wedding Gown

Before you head towards the bridal store, look for the bridal gowns available on sale. At the end of every season, the designers sell their gowns at a discounted price. Even if you need to give a little more consideration to the gowns, it is worth all the attention and time.


Crowd-source your Photos

A wedding photographer can add thousands on your budget. However, we have a thrifty shortcut for you – some of your friends and family might have a camera, then why not assign this task to them. It can be the best wedding gift also, these photos can be uploaded to a social media or emailed.

With these small tweaks, you can make your wedding day as charming as you wanted without spending too much.