Planning a wedding requires both time and finance. While you must be willing to inculcate numerous things in your wedding, it is not necessary that your budget shall allow you everything. We all know with rise in cost almost everything has gone double its actual price. Whether you talk about arranging food or venue, it doesn’t come cheap anymore.

Wedding Costs

But isn’t there anyway of saving the cost and cutting it down to the minimum? Yes, there is. Read on to explore it yourself.

1. Amateur photographers

Yes! of course, wedding photographs are must but professional photographers definitely charge you a bomb over it. Giving a chance to amateur photographers will give them a much-needed exposure and you would end up saving your money too. After all, even amateur photographers are loaded with fresh ideas too.

2. Online Invitations

Printed wedding invitations could be a costly affair and tedious too. Instead, opt for the digitalized version of the invitations. You always have an option of an online invite. Choosing online wedding video invitations over traditional ones helps you make the message more personalized and saves your cost. You can customize them as well making it more creative.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Template

3. Music Show

If planning out a musical evening on your wedding day is in your mind, make sure you hire young artists. You can pick up students from music schools or you can even give a chance to the budding artist. Hiring a full-fledged established artist might dig a grand hole in your pocket so you better choose the other way.

4. Apparels

We all are aware of how expensive those designer lehengas are! If you rethink, certainly marriage is a big day but then what’s the future use of that designer lehenga? It’s only once that you are going to wear it. So, instead of spending fortunes on buying those you can opt for lehengas designed by amateur designers and their designs reflect a blend of freshness and creativity and they don’t have exorbitant rates.

5. Food

In India, weddings are synonyms for food. Besides, no matter how hard you try, you end up adding up more and more cuisines crossing your budget. So the trick is to plan and keep combinations of cuisines which are limited yet delicious enough to for your guests to go in for a second round. Always remember the rule, less is more.

6. Thank You Greetings

Yeah, sounds cheesy! But when it comes to emotions nothing is cheesy as at the end of the day, it’s our near and dear ones who make every occasion special and memorable for us. So don’t forget to arrange in for sending personalize online thank you notes for all your near and dear ones.

Having said it all, no matter how much you plan it advance, there is always a possibility for something to turn up at last moment . To avoid any embarrassment, always allocate some amount under the miscellaneous tag as you never know when you might need one of it. We hope our tips are useful for you.