With the warm hues of autumn, nothing can be more romantic than a bold Autumnal wedding. Fall wedding color palate often comes with the warm, explosive colors depicting the Mother Nature. Burnt orange, moss green, earthy tone, pigmented hues, you can expect it all on a trendy fall wedding. What’s  trending for this year? Let’s see:

fall wedding

Bold Hues of Orange + Open Sky

The shades of orange vary significantly and for the rustic fall wedding, nothing can work better than its warm shades. Call it the pumpkin colors and add in the harmonious mix of white and blue. When contrasted with these colors, the decoration will be absolutely stunning.


Strawberry Red + Golden Shimmer

Last year was all about Marsala and this time it is the cousin sister, strawberry red ruling the bridal hearts. Like always this divine shade is spreading passion and energy by being the top choice for the season. Plan it with the shades of white and gold and let the magic begin.


Rosy Touch + Mix of Blue

How about rosy pink and macho blue? The impeccably sweet and irresistibly romantic combination of blue and pink has always been a wedding favorite. Get ready to nail this fall wedding by planning to surround yourself in the hues of creamy pink and navy blue.


Lavender + Raspberry

One side it is the crowning jewel with deep and vibrant tone and on the other side, it’s the sensual, bright, and tangy shades of red. The sassy combination of these rich shades is trending in every corner of the world. Dress or photo invitation, add in this color combination without thinking twice. Lavender and white will also work if you are not an admirer of raspberry.

Royal Purple + Rose +Ash wood

Modern, classic, Beachy or Boho, this single color palette can add charm to all sorts of wedding theme. You can denote it as a berry tone, throwing out the most extreme possibilities of wedding decoration, personalized invitations as well as attire. To add to the elegance put in the gold touch for sure.


Olive+ White+Tangerine

The fresh combination of olive and orange works well for the fall collection. The bride and groom can plan the decoration as well as attire with the noblest combination of these two hues. It brings out a dreamy setting encompassing the strength of love and affection. While olive is the sign of growth and abundance, orange offers a rustic look to the wedding decoration.


Select any of the color combinations given above and elegance comes abound with it. You could start it all by incorporating your wedding colors into online wedding invitations and sending them out through Inviter.