Birthdays are extremely special to all of us and if not anything else, they at least give us a reason to celebrate. Our birthday celebration patterns without a doubt keep changing; how we celebrated our birthday completely differs our celebration patterns now. But the joy remains intact, isn’t it?

30th birthday

So in case you are celebrating your 30th birthday somewhere around the corner of this month, these are several tips you can consider while planning out your 30th birthday.

25th Birthday Video Invitation

1. Concerts

Concerts are fun especially when your favourite band is performing. It is your 30th birthday and in case you have never been to any concert before, take that tour for sure. Perhaps it would cost you more than your budget but come on, it is your birthday and your favourite band; who is going to pamper you if you aren’t?

2. Rejuvenation

Twenties has been a roller coaster ride and it was no less than excitement. While you are now entering another phase of your life, why don’t you try rejuvenating yourself? Book an appointment in the spa and relax. Pamper yourself, get your haircut done, skin cleansed and body messaged before you finally step into your 30s like a boss with the bang!

3. An adventurous sport

Be it river rafting or sky diving, find what scares you the most but also sends an adrenaline rush in your body. Get yourself trained and take up that sport on your birthday. After all, life is a daring adventure and what would be more fantastical than bidding adieu to your most adventurous decade?

4. House party

In case you don’t feel like going out at all rather if you are prefer sitting in your comfy pyjamas then opt for a house party. Make an online invitation video and send it to you’re the near dear ones with whom you wish to have a quirky house party. These kind of invitations are creative as well as personalized to the guests.

5. Go clubbing

So what if you are turning 30? Age is just a number! Grab a few friends of yours and hit upon your favourite club in the city. Dance till your leg aches and booze till the very wee hours. Let yourself loose as much as you want to.

6. Explore city

In case you love travelling then beginning your 30s with an exploration is amazing. Pack your back in the morning and go out to explore your city or town with some friends. In case you love travelling alone, you can even choose to explore it on yourself. To add more adventure, leave at night and roam around the city while you come back again in the morning.

Some of us end up cribbing a lot especially when they enter the 30s but please listen, your youth isn’t over yet after all age is just a number for the heart that is young forever. Think of more ideas that you might come across and let us know how are you planning to celebrate your 30th birthday.