Before everyone had smartphones, wedding planning usually comprised of paper calendars, to-do lists, thick folders and coloured sticky notes. But now, thanks to technology, planning a wedding has become easier than ever.


You can invite your guests online, keep a track of missing RSVPs, watch Youtube videos to nail your first dance and enable push notifications for every little reminder.

But with so many apps available online, which ones can you really rely on for your big day? Lucky for you, we have scoured throughout the internet to find you the best apps to tap when planning a wedding.

Appy Couple

This app helps you set up your own wedding website, keeps a track of guest lists, and allows guests to directly upload photos to the app. This way, even if you have some guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding, they can view all the photos in real-time and feel like they were there itself.
The only downside? Appy couple isn’t free.



Ditch the paper invitations which are difficult to track and might even get lost in the mail. Instead, use Inviter to send video invitations or photo invitations directly to your guests’ inbox. The best part is the analytics that lets you know which guests have opened your invitation and are yet to RSVP, and yes, it’s free.



Wedding planning is all about communication, whether it’s talking to your soon-to-be better half about your first dance, or chatting with your bridesmaids to figure out the perfect wedding photos. But keeping track of all this on your phone’s inbox can be difficult. Use Slack instead, where you can notify others, divide them into groups and use hashtags to make it easier to search everything later.


Wedding Budget Calculator

Budget might be a horrifying topic in wedding planning, but let’s not forget, it is the most important part of wedding planning and you always need to keep it in check.


Instead of getting buried in Excel sheets, use Wedding Budget Calculator, which automatically lists your wedding expenses, all you have to do is enter the total costs. The iOS app costs around $2.99.


No wedding planning is complete without a checklist, and WeddingHappy will take your normal to-do list to a whole another level. Event time tracking,to-do list, vendors information.

You are now equipped with all these wonderful apps which you can take advantage of them and plan the perfect wedding.