Wedding themes are an ultimate opportunity to showcase your personality and subjects you admire. Photo invitations, cakes, and decorations remain the best ways to represent your wedding theme in a classic manner.

So, if you want to have a specific theme for your wedding and wondering where to start from, then you are at the right place, as we are here to help you select and arrange for the right theme in the right way:


Vintage Wedding theme

Vintage weddings never go out of fashion and it’s also true that we never get enough of it. Let’s first talk about the colors that go right with a vintage wedding arrangement.

Vintage colors vary with the hues and most of the time it is the pastel shades of every color. Lemon, white, ivory, dusky pink, duck egg blue, and lilac.


The best way to incorporate a DIY vintage wedding theme is by opting for lacy dresses and pearls. Laces can also be incorporated in the chairs and table covers.

As for the crockery, take out the bone china and place centerpieces that set a dramatic old charm. Vintage lanterns and brown bushes can also add to the class of vintage decorations.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding offers the chance to club the real touch of romance in the party. For a rustic wedding, the hues of brown, moss, earthy tone, and metallic shades work the best.

The best part is you can attach these themes to nature also, like a secret garden theme. Go for colors of bluebell, pale yellow, purples, and lilac to see how things work.


Look for outdoor locations for this sort of wedding theme. Tall trees, butterflies, and fairy charm are surely going to bring you the desired result. Add bushes to the chairs, select the crockery in metallic hues, and add in the wooden charms as the centerpiece.

Beach Wedding

It is just lovely to have a beach side wedding as the opportunity comes abound. The bride who gets the chance to arrange for the beachside wedding is truly lucky. Without spending much, they can do magic for their wedding decoration. There is no limit to colors when it is about a beach wedding, select one or two hues and repeat it in the entire decoration.


Sand and pale browns, aqua blue, lime green, coral pink can be some of the top considerations. During the decorations, think of starfishes, wooden lanterns, and the beach stones. You can place the names on the beach pebbles too.

Last but not the least; make sure you choose an online invitation to match your theme and to make your guests ready for the amazing wedding that awaits them.