Do you know, Baby showers goes way back into the history and was rounding during ancient Egyptians time. During that period these celebrations took after the birth. In today’s time, baby shower is organized to congratulate the mom-to-be with gifts and baby essentials.

baby shower
baby shower party

We shortlisted few of the best and most used baby shower party hacks.

1. Online Invitations:

We live in the age where technology is taking over everything. From Google Glass to iPhone X, Hyperloop travel to self-driving cars, we have seen tremendous achievements one can possibly imaging. With such advancements, sending a personalized invitation is as easy as recording a video. Yes, that’s true. Using Inviter, all you must do is upload your video recorded using your mobile and add event details and email/social with your guests.

Baby Shower Video Invitation

2. Food:

Since, you will be inviting few of your closest friends to shower the mom-to-be. Have some edible cup cakes, cookies and some delicious pastries. You can also use molds to create homemade brownies.

3. Decor:

DIY decor tips and tricks come handy and keeps your hosting cost low. Just surf through some of the best DIY Baby shower décor videos on YouTube or paper decor hacks and you can have plenty of ideas which you can do it on yourself at your home. Have some LED strings around the walls to give a party touch. Have some fresh flowers around the room.

4. Gifts:

Order baby essentials pack to gift mom-to-be on her baby shower. Few pair of new born sized clothes do take the mom-to-be with an Awwww! Expression. If you have a childhood pic or a video of mom-to-be, add it to a digital frame and gift it to her. If you have a projector, then run through all the childhood videos you have of mom-to-be, taking her to nostalgic moments.

5. Games:

Have some indoor games planned to your guests. Also put a session where mothers can educate and provide some tips to mom-to-be on handling a new born.