In ancient times, Halloween is celebrated to ward of the ghosts by lighting bonfires and wear costumes. In today’s generation, it’s a day of parties, costumes, lanterns, candies for kids and adults. To make your 2017 Halloween party spookier, we have rounded up the best Halloween party hacks for you. Happy Halloween!!

Halloween party

DIY Halloween Home Decors

Give your house a scary look. Try weaving spider webs and place across cupboards, mirrors, under tables, bathrooms etc. Make round lanterns on a white paper with scary face art and have the lights fixed inside the lanterns. Turn your table napkins into bat shaped and hang them around.

For more such Halloween decor ideas, visit here

DIY Halloween Scary Invitations

Let the spookiness start right from your invitations. Customize your invitations with a Halloween effects. allows you to customize your online invitation and can help you send them via email or through social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.,

Halloween Costume Ideas

Adults, can try out the outfits of the ghosts or villains from the all-time best movies or the ones which are in recent times. Check out this link for some couple costume ideas.

Halloween party

For Kids, try from Disney movies they love. I’m sure kids love to cosplay with the characters.

Halloween Food Ideas

One of the most memorable part of any event is the food. Is sums up your hosted event. So make sure you plan carefully and match to your Halloween theme. So avoid regular presentation. Have some organic and safe garnishing touch to your food items.


Have some spooky designed icing on the cake instead of the regular ones. Also have the cake bread in a shape like spider, skull etc., just to bring out the Halloween touch on it. For more such ideas, visit here



Who doesn’t love cupcakes. Add some Halloween touch to them too. Make some Devilish cupcakes, monster strawberry cupcakes, Frankenstein cupcakes etc. For more such ideas, visit here



Give your cookies a monster touch with icing over the store-bought stuff. Start with scary yet simple meringue bones, chocolate bat cookies, spider cookies and so on. For more such ideas, visit here


Chocolate eye balls, monster donuts, spooky cupcakes and more will be ready to scare your party guests and delight them on the other hand, making you one hell of a host.

Halloween Cocktails

Décor, costumes and food may have a big chunk over Halloween themed party, but no party is a party without drinks. We have gathered some best and coolest recipes to give your beverages, a dark side. Smoking Skulls, Wicked Red Punch, Witchy Woman, Scary Skele and more. Visit here for in detail recipes and more Halloween cocktail ideas.

Halloween cocktails

This should stand you as a one heck of a Halloween party host among your friends and relatives. Make sure you record each moment of your Halloween party and the guest’s expressions when they see your arrangements. User your recorded video as a thank you video greeting and send it to guests who attended your Halloween party.