Send personalized paperless Christmas party invitations to your guests with RSVP options and more. With festive season spirit reconnect with your family and friends over a weekend party. Get away from hustle and bustle of your lives and spend some quality time around your loved ones and welcome the new year 2018 together.

Christmas party

Take advantage of this festive season and spread smiles around you to prevent stress and spread happiness. Organizing a Christmas party is as simple as ordering a pizza. You don’t believe it? Let me take it through in detail.

Christmas Party Hacks

1. Invitations:

First and foremost, inviting your friends and family is important. Try sending an online video invitation with your personal video message inviting them over Christmas party at your place. Inviter does the exact job. You can use Inviter to send free video invitations to your guests. All you should do is to upload your video, enter event details, a little customization and send it to your guests for free with RSVP options.

Christmas Video Greetings

2. Place

Since you are organizing a get together, your backyard does the perfect job. Just clear out the unnecessary clutter and have some inflatable sofas around to guests to seat. Get some LED strings of different colors and hang them around the walls and pillars to give some party effects. Get the house cleaned and lighted with scented candles.

3. Food

Now that you have your guest count, just prepare accordingly. Have a BBQ set up in your backyard, with some decent wine and beer. Since it’s a festive season, Walmart and Target swarms up with unbelievable discounts. Get your party needs during this time where you can save a lot on your purchases.

4. Dance

Have some decent music track list saved to play during the party. Starting with the yearlong best and popular tracks, some iconic tracks to play during the party.

5. Hosting

Make sure you handle all the above with a proper care. Since you are inviting only few guests, do take a personal care in handling each. Right from welcoming to greeting thank you show your courtesy. Some guests might stay back for night and hit the road in the morning. Have some extra arrangements in advance just to avoid any last-minute extensions.

Besides, do enjoy your Christmas season party. If any left over from your party night, do put them for right use like donating them to the needy.