You must know that video invites are trending. Gone are the times when you would print cards and invite your esteemed guests to the events like a baby shower, wedding or annaprasana. We are in the time where digitalization is at its peak and that is exactly how video invitation has come in the picture.


They are easy to make and absolutely free of hassle. Wonder what are the events where you can send  video invites? Well, here they are!

1. Wedding:

Wedding invitation cards are the most elaborate ones but, that doesn’t mean they have to be traditional? We are well versed with the expense every Indian wedding carries, isn’t it best to pick an eco-friendly, convenient and economical way of sending an invitation to your loved ones? Think about it. You can make it as romantic and as customized as you want!

Floral Wedding Video Invitation

2. Baby shower:

Baby showers are special. This is especially the case if the parents are new parents and it is their first baby. Traditionally, a gathering is held to celebrate and bless the pregnant mother. There are formal invitations that are sent to the guests. So, why don’t you opt for a video invitation? You can post your pictures along with your spouse and make it into something very cute and personal instead of formal. Well, give it a thought.

Baby Shower Video Invitation

3. Annaprasana:

Annaprasana, as we all know, is widely celebrated in India and several other Asian countries. This event is celebrated once the kid completes 6 months. It embarks the beginning of a child’s solid diet. There are invitations sent for Annaprasana too! A lot of us choose traditional invitations but have you thought of digital invites? You can capture some cute little photographs of your tiny tot and make a video invitation. Doesn’t it sound interesting and exciting?

4. Christmas:

Christmas is the time of celebration, isn’t it? A lot of us host a party & enjoy them. So, isn’t Christmas the best day to send video invites? You can post the pictures of presents that you are going to offer, or you can completely make it into humorous video invite. Considering this, the guests shall look forward to attending your party.

How to get it done?

Video invite is not as tough as it looks like. Well, when it comes us all you got to do is sit back and relax. We have broken down the entire process into several steps. Have a look –

1. Go to our website and choose the template. There are predefined templates suitable for several events. Pick the one you liked the most.

2. Once you are done with the selection we will get in touch with you. We will inform you about the required images. You would be requested to send us the images you wish to put in the video invite.

3. This stage is for you to relax while we work at the backend. It will take us just 2 working days to get back with a complete video invite.