What? The guests will be around anytime now and you say the starters won’t be enough? Did I not pay you in time? What sort of irresponsible planning is this? – This is a typical party preparatory discussion between an event planner and the host. You can hear such discussions on the corridor or lobby of hotels and party halls. That too in holiday seasons, event managers go crazy organizing back to back holiday parties and there are chances of they failing their client’s expectations.

Holiday parties
Christmas & Happy New Year

Though each one of them is adept in handling people and their cherished requirements. There are occasions when the guests arrive in huge unexpected numbers leading to small glitches in hospitality. While these able organizers manage the situation in time. They look for a viable smart solution that will help them to plan and execute holiday parties with zero complaints.

Here is one such automated digital option that adds value to the party and makes it a sure shot success among the guests and hosts. Yes! It is none other than Inviter, a free online video invitation portal that manages the guests and their requirement with its able back-end services. Here is how you can make your holiday party like Christmas & New Year corporate parties stand out with Inviter:

Know the availability of guests and plan in advance

Holiday parties are huge and grand. Especially the Christmas or New Year parties hosted by corporate houses are a hit among its audience due to the innovation and lavishness. For such once in a year parties, the preparations should be done in a highly planned manner. Inviter helps you to design amazing video invites with themes and background music which will enthrall its audience. Also with Inviter, there is a facility to include voting option known as RSVP. It will help the recipient to send a response immediately to the host regarding their availability or unavailability. Hence, you can easily capture the number of guests who are willing to attend the party and arrange hospitality based on the numbers.

New Year Video Greetings

Plan the event, update and remind your guests digitally

With Inviter, you can also create an event remainder that will reach all the guests a day prior to the event. So that they can plan their availability. Also, it will be useful to remind those who though willing to come might forget the day of event due to their busy schedule. These reminders are not lengthy ones as the video invites but are calendar events that sets as a reminder. Also if there is any change in the event schedule, venue or time these invitations can be updated and sent to the guest list accordingly. Inviter acts as a virtual event planner and networks the guests and hosts in a highly amicable manner.

With these merits, Inviter portal helps in making the corporate holiday parties be it organized on Christmas Eve or New Year stand out by seamless integration of technology and creativity. Right from rolling out exquisite invitations till making the party a huge success among the guests. Inviter helps the party organizers in a great way and saves a lot of time!