‘Mother’….this word instantly brings a lot of happiness, love and emotions. No feeling and love in this world can be equal to mother’s love and we are blessed to get the unconditional shower of mother’s love.


She bears all your tantrums with a smile, stand by your side in the downs, consoles you in your pain, becomes your strength in your aspirations…any word will fall short to tell you what a mother is for her child.” So, this Mother’s Day why not fill her heart with joy and happiness by telling her how she is the entire world for you and without her you are nothing! Wondering how to do that as she is far away from you in terms of physical distance? Sending her an Inviter video greeting is the easiest and sweetest way to express your love towards her.

Greet her on this special day with Inviter

Though you have immense love in your heart for your mom sometimes you get so much entangled in other duties and responsibilities that you miss to say your mom that she is the most special person for you in this world. A video message has the power to reach out your heartfelt message to your mother whom you often forget to tell how much you love her. The sweet and nicely designed Inviter Mother’s Day video greeting from your side can make her feel too special and fill her mind with happiness like never before.

Inviter – An unconventional yet convenient way

How much busy you are, sending Inviter video greeting is as easy as breeze! Just create your personalized video using your smartphone or video camera and upload it in your Inviter account. It will get instantly visible on your wall and your mom along with other friends and relatives can see it.

Just imagine the happiness and joy on her face when she will open the video and see you telling what you feel about her and how much you value her sacrifices. This moment will be just divine and you can turn it into reality by designing a video greeting using the unlimited themes, music and other options offered by Inviter which is free for exploration and usage.

So, on the eve of this very auspicious day get ready to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you the most’ and make her overjoyed and enthralled. Create the greeting your way through the free video greeting portal of Inviter and send it in a jiffy to reach your beloved mom just when you desire.