May 8th, another opportunity to shower your unconditional love to your Mom. She was the one person who was always there for you when you needed to hold you back. She is the one person who supports you through your downtime, feels happy in your high time.


She is the one who never expects anything in return. Such a person deserves a special tribute, not just a simple wish or a card or a text. Such a special message can be conveyed affectionately using video greetings.

Yes, video greetings are the best way to convey your unconditional love towards your Mother and how you look up to her. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy or a pro at videography to create your video greeting. All you need is a mobile with a decent camera or a DSLR or a camcorder. Just record your video message, about how you look up to her, thanking her for all the things she did for you, having your back every second, caring you, loving you with no expectations most of all for believing in you.

Once you have recorded your video message, signup with Inviter and login to your inviter account to create your Mother’s day video greeting. It takes you through a 4 step process to create your video greeting. If you have siblings, I suggest you make a video message together and to make it more personalized you can add your childhood video clips, photos to your video message. Once done, either email it or share on your mother’s social media page and surprise her.

You can also plan a surprise visit and a dinner or to any other place, she liked most and greet her with the video greeting you created. Why wait? Create your free mother’s day video greeting and turn your day into a memorable memory.