“Mom…! you say I am the most beautiful gift of your life! But today I want to say you and your love are the most beautiful things that could have ever happened in my life. Thanks for everything mom…” tears rolled down her eyes seeing this beautiful video created by her daughter.


The baby girl has grown up unnoticed, stepped into her adulthood but she is still her mom’s little baby from inside, this feeling overwhelmed the proud mother. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the right time for you too to tell your mother how special she is and what she meant for you through a personal video greeting.

Express your love & gratitude through Inviter video greetings

Inviter being an amazing video invitations and video greetings portal allows you to create your own personalized video greeting for your mother on the very special Mother’s Day. All you need to do is to find out just a few seconds, say 15 minutes, and pour out your love, gratitude, and thankfulness towards your mother in the form of a short video. You don’t need to be a pro in video recording and editing to create and design a trendy Mother’s Day video greeting drenched in love. Only in 5 quick and easy steps, your video will reach your mom. By making use of your phone or camcorder record the video and upload, next in order to give it a DIY touch include themes, background pictures, and in the last step give their email id’s and sent via Inviter.

Inviter telling the untold story of dedication & sacrifice of your Mom

You can compile all the moments and special things done by your mother in the form of collages in your video greeting. Her untold sacrifices, years of selfless dedication for your success, sleepless nights spent to give you undisturbed sleep can be all included in a 15 minutes video and shared with family and friends through the video greeting sharing portal of Inviter. It allows you to post the video on your wall and share among your connections just with a click of your fingers. Adding personal messages and comments stating her contributions in your lie and how precious she is for you will give it a personalized touch and will make it even more special.

So, it’s just the right time to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mom’ and ‘be with me always in my thick and thin like you always have been’ and send it to your mother staying either near you or far from you using Inviter!