Marketing for trade shows can be pretty cookie-cutter. You use the show’s platform to market to attendees, send email blasts, press releases, etc. That is all fine and acceptable, but what makes you stand out amongst other exhibitors? Sure, your product or maybe amazing. But how will anyone really know?


You need to do something before the event to get some attention. You have a unique opportunity to use video in a new way to “speak” to attendees and even those who haven’t registered yet. Remember, I advise that you should be conversational in your marketing efforts so you appear more human and convert faster.

Video invitations for tradeshows are different. No one is really doing it…yet. As a video, it will by nature capture the viewers’ attention. Since no one else is sending video invites for their booth, you automatically stand out and are easily remembered.

The actual creation of a video invite for a trade show is just like other video invitations. You shoot the video, create the event and upload the video, add your text content, upload the CSV file, and schedule the event. I recommend using your smartphone to shoot it or creating a video slide clip showcasing a teaser for what to expect. Make sure one of the slides includes your booth number. That’s all there is to it. Make guests RSVP so you can connect with them and schedule meetings.