To choose a birthday party theme for your girl can be confusing sometimes. Birthdays have a special place in kids heart and no one can stop their excitement when it comes to birthday celebration. So,organize a birthday party for her that she’ll feel special and cherish all her life. We have made amazing top 10 birthday party themes for girls, where the guests will also have a blast along with your girl.

Girls party Themes
Little Birthday Girl 

10 Birthday Themes for Girls

1. Pink Theme Birthday Party

It’s a fact that girls love pink, no one can deny this. Then why don’t you make everything pink on her birthday venue from decor to the cake and her dress. she’ll definitely love this. This theme will be the easy and best choice for your girl’s birthday.


  • Decorate the house with pink balloons
  • Create DIY pink showpieces
  • Make your baby wear a beautiful pink gown with a nice pink headband
  • Create a pink color theme birthday invitation video
  • Order a pink cake
  • Serve pink cupcake and donuts to
  • Distribute pink stationery as a return gifts

2. Circus Theme Birthday Party

Kids loves to visit the circus shows. This theme will be a surprise to her and she’ll enjoy throughout the party.


  • Decorate venue with red and white polka balloons and curtains
  • Make a circus-style happy birthday banner
  • Make a birthday invitation video with the same theme.
  • Hang up some circus animals and tools cutouts
  • Dress your girl in a circus-style like a polka gown or a dancer dress
  • Book a magician for entertaining
  • Order a clown cake
  • Distribute circus theme return gifts

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3. Butterfly Theme Birthday Party

This theme is simple and easy, yet we can make it look beautiful with the decor.


  • Decorate the venue with baby pink and white butterfly printed balloons and follow the same color for curtains
  • Make a big DIY butterfly showpiece and hang up Silver and baby pink happy birthday poster around the showpiece
  • Create a butterfly theme invitation to send to guests.
  • Decorate the table with DIY paper butterflies and baby pink & white ribbons
  • Order a same color butterfly shape cake
  • Dress her in a baby pink and white color dress with wings and a nice matching hairband
  • Distribute the butterfly printed hats to guests

4. Picnic Theme Birthday Party

Birthday Party Themes
picnic theme

This theme is an outdoor birthday party. It will not only be a nice birthday party for your girl but also a amazing picnic trip with her friends.


  • Choose a picnic place in your locality or organize in your garden
  • Decorate the venue with colorful balloons, curtains, and showpieces
  • Add picnic blankets and baskets into the decor
  • Make a picnic theme birthday video invitation.
  • Dress up your girl in colorful frock and shoes
  • Order a green color cake with some fruits and flowers like cream on it.
  • Organize outdoor games for kids
  • Give a skipping rope or balls as a return gift.

5. Floral Theme Birthday Party

Birthday Party -floral theme
Floral Theme Decor

Flowers makes feel fresh and brings good vibes to the birthday party.


  • Decorate the venue with real and artificial flowers, pink and white balloons.
  • Stick to two or three color flowers to bring a classy look
  • Order a flower theme cake.
  • Make a floral theme birthday invitation video with photos and music.
  • Dress your girl in a white, pink, and pale blue floral dress with a nice pair of shoes, and hairband.
  • Organize games related to flowers and flower names.
  • Give a flowering plant as a return gift.

6. Minion Theme Birthday Party

Minions are on trend all over the world. This theme adds more interest to your girl and guests.


  • Decorate venue with blue and yellow color balloons
  • Order a customized minion cake
  • Create a minion theme birthday invitation video
  • Use disposable Minion printed cups for soft drinks
  • Dress your girl in minion printed yellow t-shirt and blue skirt.
  • Order food based on theme like yellow and blue cookies.
  • Distribute minion dolls as a return gift

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7. Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

Usually girls love unicorn’s and the colors. It is fun and colorful.


  • Decorate the venue with baby pink, white and green color balloons
  • Hangup unicorn and horn cutouts
  • Order a Pink cream cake with naturally colored sparkles on it
  • Dress your baby girl in a white and light green color dress
  • Arrange a unicorn showpiece and birthday poster
  • Prepare Food menu according to the theme like cupcakes, donuts, soft drinks.
  • Make a Unicorn theme birthday invitation with photos and music. Unicorn Theme Birthday Invitation Video

8. Mickey Mouse Theme Birthday Party

Mickey mouse is kids all time favorite. Try this your kid will definitely love this


  • Decorate the venue with red, black, yellow balloons and paper crafts.
  • Buy a mickey mouse showpiece
  • Buy mickey mouse birthday party essentials like blankets, table cover, plates, disposable cups, etc.
  • Make a mickey mouse theme birthday invitation
  • Order cupcakes with black, yellow, and red color sparkles on it
  • Dress your baby in a red and black polka frock

9. Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Disney frozen is the all time darling. Frozen theme is the best happening birthday party theme in winters.


  • Decorate the venue with pale blue and white color balloons and curtains
  • hang up the handmade paper snowflakes.
  • Prepare a DIY circle shaped showpiece with a blue color net cloth.
  • Order a cake with Elsa and Anna figures on it.
  • Make a Birthday Invitation video with the frozen theme.
  • Dress up your girl in Elsa costume.
  • Give printed Elsa and Anna figure printed mugs as return gifts.

10. Disney Theme Birthday Party

Who don’t love Disney princess?. Every girl will have one favorite disney princess. Just go for it, she’ll love it.


birthday party - Disney theme
Disney Princess cupcakes
  • Decorate the venue with pink, blue, and white color balloons.
  • Add a Disney princess poster as a birthday wall background.
  • Dress up your girl in her favorite Disney princess gown.
  • Order a castle-shaped cake.
  • Create a Disney theme invitation video.
  • Give Elsa or Anna figures printed mugs or stationery.

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