The date is set for celebrating an event, and now you are on important task with spreading the word about your event to guests. For Instance, what type of invitation will catch their eye?. Most importantly, be appropriate Invitations for the occasion? Every one prefers for one-of-a-kind invitations.

An Invitation gives basic information about the event, therefore it is really the first glimpse for your event. From the moment they pull your invitation from their mailbox, or they see any digital invite, your guests will get an important first impression of your event. The type of invitation you choose for any event says a lot about your style. Invitation plays an important role for any event or occasion. When you are planning for an amazing occasion or ceremony in your family, equally design an impressive video invitation for your guests.

Try out a Video Invitation

wedding invitation video
Wedding Invitation

What needs to be included in an Invitation

Purpose of the Invitation:

Firstly, include the occasion you are celebrating. In other words, It can be a birthday party, wedding, engagement, House warming or any other event.


Include the name of the person who is hosting the party and name of the person for whom this occasion meant for.

Day, Date, Venue and time of the event:  

In addition, to names include the day, date, venue, and time of the event in an invitation.

Dress Code:

In an invitation, attire can be specified to guests if needed for your party


Finally, List an RSVP with a phone number or email address and date you would like your guests to RSVP by.

Video Invitation
Video Invitation

Type of Invitations that Wow the Guests

Paper Invitations:

Paper Invitations should be distributed individually to guests or need to be mailed. Mailing or distributing the invitations is a fun event for all the family members. In many stores, paper Invitations are readily available with beautiful designs and font.

The invitations show the hosts interest to develop and send invitations.  Guests, in return, feel special to receive a creatively designed invitation.

Cons Of Paper Invitations:

  1. However, Paper Invitations are not reliable and Eco- Friendly.
  2. However mailing Invitations takes a lot of time.
  3. For instance, Invitations have a chance of getting mutilated
  4. In other words, paper Invitations Incur more cost for mailing and printing.

Digital Invitations:

Digital invitation is usually easier for you and your guests and can be created in a few minutes and shared Via WhatsApp and other social media platforms. It’s really Hassle-free way to send Invitations. E-vites are really Eco-Friendly and cost-effective.

Cons Of Digital Invitations:

  1. Usually, everyone may not have online or WhatsApp account
  2. Therefore, Invitations cannot be delivered to the guests if their information is changed.
  3. In other words, some guest may change their Emai Info
  4. WhatsApp Video Invitations:

Video Invitations are more reliable, budget-friendly and Eco-friendly. A website like Inviter helps in creating HD quality Video Invitations in a few minutes with your own photos and music. In addition to above all, i conclude Video Invitations are a modern trend and easy way of sending invites to guests.

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