My Grandpa is a jolly and cheerful person who loves to spend each day enjoying the fullest. Last month he celebrated his 60th birthday and it was super fun. It was a grand celebration where more than 100 guests were invited in an exceptional way.


My dad offered this unique idea to my Grandpa which he couldn’t avoid liking. He instantly switched on his computer and sent more than 100 invites at once and trust me, the response was simply overwhelming.

What did my Grandpa do?

Grandpa started hating the idea of sending paper invitations since his 58th birthday because not even 75% guests attended the party because of this backdated system. Next, he tried giving phone calls, but somehow that etiquette missed out and only 85% guests attended the party and the rest just wished over the phone. Then my dad came across this website, which allows us to email video invitations with RSVP options, and introduced it to my Grandpa. He instantly liked this technique and thought to give it a try on his 60th birthday. The response was something that even my dad and Grandpa didn’t expect. He received plenty of phone calls on his birthday, as well as the same guests who called came over to the party. Hence, the celebration was grander.

How he sent the video invitations?

Grandpa recorded a simple invitation where he invited his guests with love and adoration. The video was just about 1 minute 10 seconds where he poured his heart out to 100+ guests. Next, he uploaded the same video on the Inviter website which is a leading platform for sending video invitations. That’s all. did the rest of him and the video turned out simply awesome.

They modified the video with a beautiful template and graphics that made it look livelier. A few extra words and graphics turned it into a live invitation which was enough to fascinate my Grandpa’s guests. The video took only a minute to get uploaded on the site and another minute to get live.

Next, Grandpa shared that video on his social networking profile and also sent personally to his ex-colleagues and friends. And that didn’t take much time and also didn’t cost a single penny. At least he is spared of giving hundreds of phone calls that take plenty of time and money. His guests were enthralled to watch his video and also his friends who hadn’t seen him for years. All were so emotionally influenced that no one avoided coming to the party after such a remarkable invite.

Perhaps, this will be my Grandpa’s best birthday ever in the last 60 years with all his loved ones whom he missed for years. The cake was simply huge and appetizing and also there were a few games that my Grandpa always loved playing. Meanwhile, my parents were so greatly influenced that they started planning their anniversary with the same invitation method, video invitation via so that they don’t miss the fun and a single guest at their party.