The name giving ceremony is an auspicious occasion for all the religions. The newborn baby is given a name after following various rituals. Even if you are religious or not, it’s lovely to celebrate the birth of your child. The name giving ceremony for Christians is termed as Christening where the baby is baptized along with the naming.

name giving ceremony

Organizing a perfect christening ceremony can be pretty hard and stressful but it is manageable. So, if you are organizing a Christening or a name giving ceremony then you must take a glance at the following points:

Naming Ceremony Invitations

Try and make the ceremony personal

It is always lovely to have some kind of religious function to celebrate birth of a child. The actual ceremony may last for half an hour but there are some other religious services which may last longer. The ceremony will commence by the reading of the mantras from holy book. And then the formal announcement of the baby’s name by the religious person or the pandit. The main ceremony usually ends by an oath taken by the parents and the godparents or the supporting adults.

Have a clear and simple theme

The name giving ceremony is for your child. so it is advised to decorate your house with soft and pastel decorations which also has started becoming pretty popular. One of the most preferred themes is the butterfly theme which was also used in Prince George christening.

The dress of your baby

You don’t need to necessarily dress your baby in those long lace traditional white dress. Nowadays the girls tend to wear dresses while the boys are dressed in shirt and jeans which is often made from soft linen.

To choose delicious food

Just like any kind of formal occasions or parties’ canapes has been favored by most of the people. The hut bowl food’s popularity is increasing among people nowadays. You are advised to decide on the menu based upon your guests’ preferences.

Have fun for the family

In most of the cases the entertainment is geared towards the younger guests that is the children. So you may set up entertainment programs like magic shows and games and other events like balloon modelling, storytelling, face painting, Bouncy Castle and playing the softball pools which are preferred and are organized in most of the name giving ceremony parties.


The last and the most important thing is the invitation. You should invite most of the close friends and other family members for the name giving ceremony and for blessing your child. Some invitation methods are:

  1. Normal post cards: In this method you must design an invitation card. Write few lines about the guest and then post it to the guest either manually or by speed post.
  2. Email: you may also invite your guests via Email.
  3. Video invitation: This method of invitation has become quite popular in the last decade and is now preferred by most of the people globally.  Video making companies like would collect the pictures from you, make a video along with music and then send it to guests digitally.