Your wedding ceremony is supposed to be the best day in your life. For this reason you would want to make it memorable not only for yourself and your partner but also for the guests and your family members whom you would been inviting. To do this, you would need to make some special and unique arrangements different from the run of the same old traditional ceremonies with which most of the people are familiar. If you are stuck with ideas and you are confused, then you must read this article thoroughly for inspiration.


The location

In the past most, people were married in the temple or churches, but nowadays people can almost choose any place to marry. You can get creative with this idea and set up a destination wedding venue that is a beach or a hill station whose location and ambience would be perfect for a wedding.

The entrance

One of the best ways by which you can make your marriage ceremony memorable is by arriving in style. You may choose something different that is you may arrive by helicopter or via hoverboard or by a Batmobile.

The reception ceremony

Once the oaths and the marriage ceremony are over, it’s the time for the reception party. You would probably have guests arriving from all over the place. So to make their journey and your wedding memorable you host the wedding reception at strange and beautiful places like blue line caves or the top of a skyscraper. Good food and good wine is a compulsory thing. You must select the menu based upon the guests’ preferences.

The wedding dresses

You may spice up the ceremony by opting for a fancy dress themed wedding party. Here you can organize a party and opt for a theme which is memorable or close to you and your partner.

Added fun

Adding fun and other interesting activities to the wedding has started becoming pretty common. One of the most common things which people are doing is by setting up a wishing tree.


This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind while you are organizing your wedding party. A wedding party is a place where close friends and other family members come together, and it is like a mini get together party. Some ways of invitation are:

Postcards: This is the most common and one of the cheapest methods of invitation. In this method, you must design an invitation card, write few lines for the invited guest and then manually post it to the guest or send it to the guest via speed post.

Email: This is the cheapest and the easiest form of invitation. You can easily download templates from the internet, write few lines for the guest and send it to the guest via Email.

Video Invitations: This form of invitation has slowly captured the market. Companies like collects pictures from you, compose a video along with music for the guests and then sends it to the guest via email, whatsapp and also from social profiles.

Here are the some best wedding video invitations templates for you.