Every year, first Sunday of August is celebrated as International Friendship Day by most of the countries in the world. Friends from around the globe wish each other using present day technology.

Who is a friend? Where do we find them? In fact, We can’t choose our mother, father, brothers, and sisters; but we can choose our friends. Friends are god’s most precious gifts. We don’t need to look for one; we grow up with them around us. Remember when you were in kindergarten, a kid sat next to you crying for his mommy. This kid becomes your first best friend while playing with him all the day, forgetting about missing your mommy.

There is no such logic exists in this relationship. To explain in simple words, a friend is one with whom you can be you.


Every year you might have celebrated this friendship day by gifting cards, bands, planning a full day hang out with friends. So how are you planning to celebrate this year’s Friendship Day?

Don’t have any ideas? No problem, we have one. Grab all you’re captured moments with your friends into a video greetings, and you can also add a personal touch to your greeting by recording your own video saying how important your friends are in your life.