Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love the magical unicorn theme party? Throw a super fun and stunning birthday party to your friends and family with these amazing unicorn birthday party ideas.

When it comes to arranging a party, you always look forward to a clean and classy theme or decor but you will be stuck somewhere in between deciding food menu and decor. So, here we are to help you to make final party essentials with these amazing unicorn birthday party ideas.

Birthday Decor for Unicorn Theme

So let’s start from birthday decoration.

  • Choose baby pink and white balloons for decorating birthday party venue
  • Unicorn theme backdrop which you can get it from any store.
  • Customize the cake table with baby pink decorative net cloth
  • Buy a unicorn showpiece for birthday wall, If not DIY circular wooden with a white and pink decorative cloth and stick a unicorn doll in between the circle.
  • Arrange a table with Pink and white disposable plates, mugs and table cloths
  • Put the sugar cone on the little party plates and unicorn donuts.
  • Arrange a photo spot with flowers, balloons, hang unicorn cutouts, dream catcher, DIY snowflakes to click pictures
  • Customize a pink shiny name board

Birthday Invitations

Create an amazing birthday invitation for your kid with the theme you choose for a birthday party. Print a unicorn theme invites and add your kid handwritten note and You can also invite guests by creating a unicorn theme birthday invitation video with your baby’s photos and music with the party details using inviter.com. Check the below birthday invitation video for reference.

Dress code

  • Dress up your girl in white & pale blue or baby pink dress
  • Pair it up with pink or white footwear according to the dress
  • A beautiful unicorn colors hair band
  • Ask guests to dress according to the theme, in white and pink or blue.

Food Menu

  • Order cupcakes with added pink and white sparkles on it
  • Order a customized unicorn shape cake with horn and colorful sparkles
  • Add marshmallow to the menu
  • arrange strawberry flavor drinks with pink and white straw in a pink disposable glass
  • Buy unicorn colored popcorn from market
  • Unicorn icecream

Unicorn Birthday Party Games

  • Pin the horn on the unicorn: Buy a pin a tail on the unicorn or horn set. It includes a unicorn poster and some horns. Blindfold each kid and spin them 3 times. Point them forward toward the poster and ask them to walk and place horn on the poster. The horn closes to an actual unicorn horn, wins a prize.
  • Rent a unicorn jump house: Rent it from local sellers than buying from the vendor. Kids will definitely enjoy jumping from the unicorn house and by the way, who doesn’t? even adults can jump from unicorn house.
  • Magical unicorn pinata: Kids gonna love this game. Fill the pinata with candies or small unicorns and ask kids to hit it.
  • The unicorn art project: Nothing more interesting for kids than painting and art lessons. Print unicorn and unicorn theme drawing sheets and ask them to fill with colors.
  • Counting jelly beans: This game is everyone’s favorite no matter at what age they are. get some jelly beans which suits unicorn theme and ask guests ho many they are and write down each person’s estimate. Highest will win.
  • What is your unicorn name?: Buy a fun list of unicorn names and ask kids to write their unicorn name on the name tag. Try calling them with the new name and if you slip then they have to put aside their name tag.
  • Unicorn ring toss game: Arrange a table with some unicorn gifts and ask kids to toss a ring on their favorite item. If the toss is correct, they win and can pick the gift.

Return Gift’s

  • Unicorn theme party favor boxes, bag, books, erasers, and bracelets.

Hope this make you feel lighter to host a party now.