Watching your baby’s first step on their tiny feet is the most magical feeling you ever have. This a milestone in your baby’s life which you don’t want to forget. It’s hard to explain such magical feeling when you watch your baby’s first step, but its easy to capture and share those moments.


Such adorable fist step catches everyone’s attention leaving awww!! expression on their faces. That moment makes you realize your kid is growing, standing on their own feet. Below is a video of an adorable baby girl trying to stand and takes her first step.

You cannot describe how time passed away in words, but with a video you can. As mobile camera’s became handy, you can record/capture your baby’s first steps and turn such photos and videos into a wonderful video greeting to share with your family and friends via email. You can also share your baby’s first step video greetings on facebook & twitter.

You also need to take some necessary steps to ensure your kid’s safety when they start walking.

  • Keep the floor dry and clean.
  • Teach them to climb stair under your supervision.
  • Fix bells on doors so that you get notified when they open it.
  • Avoid any sharp or pointy like things around them.