Each year, April 22 is observed as Earth Day. This day marks a very important day in the history of 1970’s, considered as the birth of modern environmental movement. This moment aims to spread the awareness of Earth’s natural environment.


It’s our responsibility to save the natural resources for the next generation. There are handful of practices to celebrate earth day and to be a Eco-friendly being.

1. Plant Trees:

Plant trees to help in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. Trees wipes out pollution and also contributes alot to biodiversity.


2. Recycling:

Recycle your old electronic appliances, mobiles etc., Stop using plastic bags by Preferring paper bags while you shop. You can also organize a garage sale of your old reusable household items.


3. Clean up:

Clean your neighborhood streets by collecting trash in recycled bags. You can also join with any NGOs in cleaning up your streets.


4. Save Paper:

Send video greetings & video invitations on any festivals, occasions or events instead of paper cards. Yearly billions of trees were cut down in manufacturing paper cards.

” Love the earth, it’s the only one we’ve got “