Party Planning – either be it a birthday party, graduation party, thanksgiving or bachelor party, planning is common. That’s how a party can be organized successfully. But 4 W’s you can’t ignore while planning a party are

  1. What is the date?
  2. What is the location?
  3. What is the party theme?
  4. What is the budget?

Besides these 4 W’s, there are few more to be included in your checklist but you cannot move without answering these 4 W’s to yourself.

Date comes first in the line while planning, once date is fixed you can move on to party location and then the party theme. Finally you also need to set a budget to organize the party.

You can also follow few tips to smoothen your planning process. For date, pick one which is on a holiday or weekends so that your guest will show up. Possibly choose your house as the location for the party as its very convenient to you. Now you can fix a theme for all your guests. Finally and the most important one, before you end the planning process and start organizing you need to set your budget limit.

Save money on guest’s invitations by sending video invitations to all your guests. You can also give a personal touch to your video invitation by recording your own video message and sending to them via email.